Consulting Services to Take Your Business to a New Level


About Benton Power Consulting:


I am an independent engineer and senior project manager. After two decades with the power and energy industry for management of engineering and construction projects, I decided to better align my capabilities and resources with the needs and priorities of my local clients.


By listening to clients and their descriptions of their challenge areas, I have recommended processes, strategies and solutions that have consistently facilitated decision making process of project owners.

I excel in project management thinking and planning. I can see from the overall boundaries of complex situations, uniquely safe and cost effective ways to advance projects from a tangle of ambiguity and poor definition to the clear scope of work and structure. I can think through complexity but provide simple, practical and clear solutions.


I am focused on supporting local clients project needs with a mix of the right knowledge and critical insight that could save them hiring a full time project manager or engineering professional. In this sense, I am providing fit for purpose and streamlined consulting services to advance projects.



With my extensive and broad professional background in power, process and renewable power projects, I can play a critical and instrumental role in discerning hidden problems on the path of development of a project. I have constantly worked to identify these problems and work out cost effective solutions for the project owners.


Some select service areas for past clients include:


        Management of multi discipline design deliverables,

        Management of engineering teams, efforts and deliverables of power projects,

        Consulting to local clients for Project Management services, and expertise,

        Developing scope of work specifications for Design Build and Turnkey Contracts

        Engineering support the Procurement Lifecycle

        Conducting Design Safety Review,

        Defining and specifying an overall Quality Assurance criteria or plan,

        Developing project total cost estimates,

        Developing first time engineering specifications for commercially mature technologies,




Email: Ali at BENTONPOWER dot com